The Puelche™ Dryer Concept

The retracting peg design of Puelche™ Boot Dryers has changed what is possible for imagining a boot and glove dryer.  The thin profile can sit INSIDE a wall or shallow panel and so can be placed in spaces where a dryer was not practical or attractive. Below is a discussion of the unique feature of Puelche™ Boot Dryers, the retracting peg


Robust Retracting Peg Design:

The retracting peg is what sets Puelche™ Boot Dryers apart from all other peg dryers and for which 3 separate USA patents were awarded. (Pending in Canada and Europe)  Several concepts were tried and eventually the present design was settled on to provide a simple, robust design of an aluminum channel with a stainless steel pin as a pivot.  Other peg dryers have the pegs connected directly to the face plate or air pipes of the dryer, either welded or with some type of flange connection.  Because of the configuration of the pivot, the retracting pegs provide a very strong connection that actually can support the full weight of a person.  (Please do not use your dryer as a climbing gym or ladder!)   Stainless steel 1/16" thick was selected for durability and appearance.    

To provide easy opening of pegs, a specially selected "clicker" is installed behind each peg.  With a light push, the peg will move in slightly and then be kicked out by a spring for use.  To retract an unused peg, it is simply pushed back in and with a click, a small magnet holds it in position. 


The magnet on the "clicker" works great on stationary units but on portable models the clicker is replaced with a stronger magnet that holds the peg in position until it is pulled out with a finger. 

One important feature of the retracting pegs is that the air is shut off when the peg is retracted.  A simple valve is automatically activated as the peg is rotated open.  No special covers or plugs are necessary.  Warm air is not wasted and the open pegs get all that extra air!

Engineered Peg Tips

Most peg dryers have holes in a flat end and some form of protector on the end.  A 45 degree point was selected for the Puelche™ system so that air would not be blocked off should a boot or shoe lie across the end of the peg.  A custom designed plastic insert is installed in the end of each peg which contains a grid to prevent objects from falling down the tube, and also contains deflectors to direct the air toward the toe of the boot.


For pegs that are specifically for drying gloves, a tip was designed that spreads the air out better, yet does not get blocked off in the end of a boot or glove.  This flat tip also has a grid and ridges to keep the air passage open.  It is used on pegs for dryers designed for fast drying of gloves.  In addition to this tip, the pegs for glove drying have additional holes on the sides to allow a general airflow into the glove that is not just from the tip and the entire glove is exposed to moving warm air.

For the ultimate in drying gloves, a glove spreader peg is available.  This peg has a spring loaded Y form at the end so that not only will it spread the glove out for efficient drying up all the fingers, it can still retract like all Puelche™ Boot Dryer pegs can. 




Face Plate and Body Design

Heater and Air Flow Discussion