Puelche™Boot Dryers are engineered for performance without compromising style.

With Puelche™(pronounced “pwel chey”) wall mount dryers you won’t have to sacrifice form for function. Puelche’s patented retracting peg boot and gear dryers and sleek wall-mount design mean your gear dryer is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. Puelche is the space-saving and attractive alternative to ungainly plastic post dryers littering the floor or the protruding permanent porcupine of pipes of other wall mount dryers. Ideal for mudrooms, garages, entryways, apartments, gear rooms, condos, and more.  Also available in convenient, portable models favored by teams.

 At Puelche we know that any adventure is better if it starts with dry gear!

 In-The-Wall, On-The-Wall, or On-The-Road- -Superior Gear Drying, Customized to Your Environment.

Superior boot Dryer from Puelche.  Space saving design with pegs that disappear when not in use. Shown in closed position and with ski boots installed.

In-The-Wall Boot Dryers

In-The-Wall Boot Dryers

On-The-Wall Boot Dryers

On the Wall Boot Dryers

On-The-Road Portable Team Dryers

Portable Dryers