We started PuelcheDryer because we wanted a boot dryer that could keep up with our adventures without creating clutter in our home. In our world, in the Adirondack mountains of New York, hiking, skiing, and a spirited game of pond hockey is a great day, with a lot of wet gear to show for it. We wanted a wall mounted boot dryer that could keep up with us without putting an unattractive porcupine of protruding pipes into our mudroom. An engineer by vocation and inventor by avocation, Puelche’s founder Larry Hinkey knew he could build a better boot dryer.  He did. Puelche™ Dryer was born.


Puelche’s patented retracting drying pegs fold out when boots, gloves, sneakers, skates, helmets are getting gently, safely dried with warm air and fold away neatly into the wall when not on duty—an elegant solution for an active lifestyle necessity. No adventure ever got off on the right foot in wet gear. Puelche wall mount dryers come in a variety of configurations from 4-pair dryers to 12-pair dryers, with sport-team scaled options available in custom builds. And you can take your Puelche with you. No need to put up with wet boots on the road--we have a line of portable dryers, including a fast drying glove dryer, a favorite of collegiate hockey teams. All are engineered to last with the highest quality components, the most exacting craftsmanship, and durable powder coat paint finishes.


Oh, and about the name. We have spent a lot of time in southern Chile, a place we appreciate for it’s beauty, mountains, and people. A “puelche” is a hot dry wind, named after Indigenous people of the region, that blows in from Argentina over the Andes at times in the summer. It is pronounced “Pwel-chay.”

All Puelche™ Dryers are covered by US patents #10,197,332,  #10,718,565 or #10,961,655  along with Canadian # 3,068,220 and other foreign patents pending.