Face Plates and Body Design Discussion

Attractive, Durable Face Plates and Bodies

Stainless steel was chosen for the face plates of the Puelche™ In-The-Wall dryers because of its appearance, strength and of course, it does not rust. Aluminum is a great material but for a large flat surface like the face plates, it is a bit too flexible and it must be painted to look nice.  Stainless steel can be thinner, providing a cleaner look at the edges as well as at the peg pockets. A brushed stainless steel provides a clean and easy to clean look that can also be painted if desired.

The air containment boxes and backs are aluminum selected for its light weight and sufficient strength. But these are not exposed surfaces. 

The plates are cut on a computer driven laser cutting table which provides precise, clean edges.  Fasteners are chosen for their look and are recessed into the face.  Special tooling was developed to round the edges. 


 All Puelche™ Boot Dryers are supplied with a timer that we have found to work and look the best.  On the 4 pair and larger units that are to be connected direct to the building wiring, the timer is typically located in a separate switch box near the dryer so that the face of the dryer is not interrupted with a white timer face. 

On-The-Wall units have the air intake on the sides of the body.  This helps reduce the fan noise and provides a clean, attractive front panel.  

On-The-Wall units connect to a standard 120V outlet and a long cord is provided.  However, to avoid a messy cord on the floor, the excess cord can be retracted into the dryer body for a neat look.


Optimal Surface Finish

While brushed stainless steel is beautiful to some, a more custom finish with a very durable powder coat paint is available.  This is essentially a plastic coating that is baked onto the metal surface.  All colors listed in the RAL color scheme can be applied to any unit.  www.ralcolor.com 


Protective Packaging:

To protect the surface, In-The-Wall units are packaged inside a 2x4 frame. On-The-Wall units have side protection and foam corner inserts.  All are packaged with a protective plate covering the front panel.  



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