Smart / Connected device capability for On-The-Wall Dryers

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Your On-The-Wall Puelche™ Dryer can be connected with WIFI and to internet to be controlled by phone or smart device such as Alexa.  There are many devices that can be added to make your unit "smart" or "connected".  We will provide the electrical wiring connections so that you or your automation expert can set up the connection.  This consists of a space to install the connection device as well as the terminals to hook it up so that it will operate in parallel with the hard wired switch.   If the "smart" or "connected" controller is not used, the manual switch in the body of the dryer can be used as normal. 

Since there are several types of connecting devices and we are not experts in automation and do not wish to provide software service, we enable the system to simply be connected to your chosen device.  The connecting device is not supplied by us and any installation of such a device will require making electrical connections between the dryer and the device. 

To enable "smart" or "connected" control, knowledge of electrical systems and automation is required by purchaser or his/her provider.  The option offered by Puelche™ Dryer is only to make this connection possible without rewiring the entire unit.   The dryer will be provided with no smart capabilities until the modification is made by the purchaser or his/her provider.   A set of terminal blocks as well as a wiring diagram and connection only instructions will be provided.  

Supply includes:

  • Screw closed compartment for connection device.
  • Terminal blocks connected to internal wiring of dryer to which connection device can be terminated.
  •          Line voltage
  •          Load 
  •          Switched power
  •          Neutral
  • Wiring diagram.
  • Purchaser is responsible for supply of connecting device
  • Purchaser is responsible for making wiring changes per supplied wiring diagram and requirements for the purchaser-supplied connecting device. 
  • Purchaser is responsible for all software configuration.