Wall mounted Boot Dryer for flush mount inside a wall painted black. 4 pair stainless steel Warm or ambient air. Attractive space saving design best for ski homes , condos and any mudroom. Timer controlled dryer for ski boots, skates, gloves
Wall mounted 4 pair Boot Dryer for flush mount inside a wall painted black, stainless steel.  Attractive space saving design for ski boots, skates, gloves
Ski boot dryer for flush mounting inside a wall.   4 pair painted black perfect for ski home or mudroom.
Ski boot dryer mounted in a wall and loaded with ski boots and skates.  For instalation in ski chalet or any mudroom.

Boot Dryer 4 Pair In-The-Wall Painted Black

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With all the fun things you do, you need a boot and shoe dryer for your special place, but you hate the permanent porcupines or plastic junk dryers that clutter up your beautiful mudroom.  When your home is more than a locker room™, the Retracting Peg Dryer from Puelche is the answer.  You can have that dryer and the great looking mudroom with our patented design.  Built into the wall, it disappears when not in use yet is always there when you need it!  With a light push, the pegs rotate out for use and when drying is done, they click back into place and take up ZERO floor space while still looking great!  We challenge you to find a better looking boot dryer!

  • Boots, shoes, gloves and helmets dry fast with forced gently warmed air. 
  • A built in timer and heat on/off switch provide simple controls. 
  • Constructed of durable stainless steel and aluminum. 
  • A patented valve opens the air flow only to the open pegs saving energy. 
  • Connects direct to building wiring so is best for installation as part of a renovation.
  • Requires qualified electrician for installation.

4 Pair In-The-Wall Dryer from Puelche Dryer painted black

Perfect for active families and small homes:


  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction with matte black powder coat finish.
  • 8 stainless steel pegs with protective plastic tips to direct air to toes of boots
  • Timer with 1, 2, 4, 8 hour settings.  On painted models the timer is supplied for remote installation in a wall switch box near the dryer and connected to building wiring. 
  • Heat on/off switch
  • Fan
  • Heater with dual temperature protection.  Max temp:  120 deg F (50C)
  • Can be customized by adding Glove Spreader Y Pegs

Dimensions: 57" high x 16 wide x 2.75" deep

Power:  110VAC 500W


Download dimensional drawing PDF