The Story of PuelcheTM Dryers

On a long and lonesome highway west of Omaha....  (You know the tune, sing along)

You can listen to the snow tires whining out that 4 part song

You can think of that first ski trip and those cold boots every morn.

Well your thoughts will soon be wondering when there's something to invent

Every morning with your boots shoved under the heater vent......


Well that was kind of it, actually.  We had a long ride and Wikipedia'd every small town we went by and never really got bored because we had so many ideas and things to talk about and dream of.  One thing we dreamed of was a good looking boot dryer which was not a monstrosity when not in use.  The retracting peg dryer was born on the road. 

Too many times we have cluttered thru the tangle of plastic junk on the mudroom floor or wondered what happens in the off season with the pokey pegs installed in the garage.  An elegant solution was needed.

From wood concepts with several different air arrangements to finely worked stainless steel, the design progressed over a few months and resulted in 2 US patents, with Canadian and European pending.  Puelche are the ONLY boot dryers with retracting pegs.

After having lived on 6 continents over a lifetime of engineering, Chile became and remains a favored nation.  The name Puelche honors the hot dry wind that blows over the Andes from Argentina into Chile at times in the summers. 



We are a young product and brand and are excited to bring the world functional, stylish boot dryers that look good out of season and are not an oversize porcupine in your mudroom or locker room.  Feel free to drop us a line to discuss!

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