16 Pair portable!  Tough, easy to transport dryer to take your team on the road.  Made to pack up and go.  Heavy duty 6" pneumatic wheels for easy pull up stairs,  power cord retracts into case, super 400 CFM fan with adjustable speed.  About as much heat as can be plugged into a standard outlet.    

We are still perfecting this model.  If you are excited to be a beta tester, get hold of us!

portable boot dryer for teams. 16 pair football hockey ski teams
Portable team skate and glove dryer for hockey teams
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details and specifications

Contact us for pricing.  We will update as we develop this new product

As with any Puelche (tm) dryer, the air is only directed to open pegs so if only 6 pair are needed, they get all the air for faster drying. 

  • Can be painted with team colors or logos.

  • Heavy duty 6" pneumatic wheels for smooth transport and pulling up stairs or over gravel parking lots.

  • Lifting handles on top and bottom for easy storage on the bus.

  • Less than 100 lbs

  • Maximum air temperature control.

  • Adjustable fan speed for quiet overnight drying or blasting as fast as possible.

  • Pegs are held closed with magnets for normal transport and bind in with strap for rough handling. 

  • Canvas cover available

  • Retracting power cord or detachable with internal storage compartment.

  • What else do you want?  Tell us!