1.  Your Puelche(TM) Dryer will come packaged with a protective sheet on the front so that the decorative front face is not damaged in transit or on opening and labels indicate to open on the front side. 

2.  Remove the protective sheets and open 2 pegs by pushing in on them.  Lift the unit out of the box using the pegs as handles.  They are plenty strong to lift the weight of the dryer. 

3.  Remove the wall cleat and unpack the power cord that are tucked into the back of the dryer.

4.  In the desired location, identify and locate a stud in the wall to which the dryer will be fastened.

5.  Determine the desired horizontal location in relation to this wall stud. The cleat provided allows the dryer to be installed off center to the stud.

6.  Determine the desired vertical location of the bottom of the dryer.  This is typically a few inches above the base board or floor so there is room for the power cord.

7.  Position the top of the cleat 22 inches above this bottom position for a 2 pair dryer and 52 1/2 inches for a 4 pair dryer.

8. The cleat must be mounted to the wall with sufficient screws to support the weight of the dryer as well as boots and additional forces from users.  It is recommended to use #10 screws that fully embed at least 1.25 inches into a wooden wall stud.

9.  Position and fasten the cleat with one screw

10.  Use a level along the top of the cleat to level it before fastening with the second screw.

11.  Lift the Dryer onto the cleat using the pegs as handles. Be certain that the bracket on the dryer is fully on to the cleat.  When positioned correctly on the cleat, the dryer will be held snugly and straight against the wall.

12.  Confirm that the power cord exits the bottom in one of the slots in the wood frame.  Extra cord can be stuffed up into the cavity on the back of the dryer to avoid excess cord on the floor.

13.  Confirm the dryer is straight up and down before installing a third screw at the clip in the bottom center. 

14.  Plug the power cord into a standard grounded 110V outlet.

15.  The dryer is ready for use.

16.  The dryer is operated by the timer on the front face.  Convenient times are indicated on the remote.  Normal drying times will be between 2 and 4 hours in typical conditions. The fan and heater will turn off after time elapses.

17.  A switch on the face is used to turn the heater off if a no-heat option is desired.  The switch will illuminate when the heat is active.  An internal thermostat regulates the temperature to 120 F maximum.

18.  Warm air is provided only to the pegs that are rotated out so for maximum drying, close any unused pegs.

19.  The stainless steel face and pegs can be cleaned with furniture polish for the best look.

Have fun! And don't worry about wet footwear again,

The Puelche Team.