PuelcheTM Dryer is a licensed product produced by Corlear North America Inc of Glens Falls NY. 

We strive to innovate and produce dependable and attractive footwear dryers that include the function of a retracting peg.  This is a young product line and brand and we are excited to make the best dryers for the world!  We are proud to pay our taxes and to work with local suppliers as much as possible to support our region and our neighbors. 

All PuelcheTM dryers are covered by US patents 10197332 & 10718565 with additional US patents pending along with Canadian and other foreign patents pending.



'pwel-chay:  the strong, hot wind that blows over the Andes from Argentina into Chile


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Puelche Dryer is a licensed product of

Corlear North America Inc

PO Box 697

Glens Falls NY 12801

USA patents: 10197332 & 10718565 .    Others, Canada, Foreign:  pending